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JWOWW Tattoo, dragon tattoo on her rib

Here are JWOWW tattoo on rib. Dragon tattoo looks very nice on her rib.

Butterfly Tattoo on Neck Area

Butterfly Tattoo on Neck Area is very simple but looks very nice. Neck tattoos are considered to be the most visible after face and hands, as you can cover it up with only hair or a scarf. If you want to pin up your hair for a black tie event, then a neck tattoo will defeat the purpose of formalness. Needless to say, neck tattoos are only for the daredevils who wish to stand out from the crowd, knowing all the repercussions involved. Tattoo artists usually advice people to think hard before taking a plunge for a neck tattoo as it might reduce the job opportunities that come their way. So if you are still not deterred by ripple effect of having a neck tattoo, then read on about the neck areas which will be best suited for your tattoo.

Lizard Tattoo Ideas

There are 2 reason why girls like lizard tattoos. The first being that lizards are appreciated as emblems of adaptation, and show that a woman has escaped a trapped situation in her life, or has been in a troubled position and managed to survive. The second is that lizards are beautiful and spellbinding reptiles that capture attention with their distinctive look that can’t be found anywhere else in nature.

Cancer Tattoo

Here are tattoos collections for cancer tattoo.


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