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65 Quick Way To Lose Weight ...

Quick way to lose weight is there. In fact, you'll be surprised how many of them are. Editorial staff has compiled a list of 65 ways to lose weight that work best, and all you have to do these weight loss tips that work for you is a bit 'of consistency and determination. So, you've just started to lose weight or have reached the plateau, after going strong for a couple of weeks, here are some safe, creative, fast ways to lose weight that works for you. Also, remember that these are the quickest ways to lose weight are healthy and safe anywhere, because this is the only way to achieve consistent and long-term results of weight loss you've always wanted.

So here they are:

Fastest ways to lose weight:

1. Use the stairs not the elevator

You've probably heard before, but do not try? A good friend of mine lost 15 pounds in a couple of weeks of just taking the stairs in your building. Depending on the intensity, you will lose about 300 calories per 30 minutes to take the stairs and you will improve your heart condition at the same time. Just make sure the steps you take is safe, clean, well lit and ventilated for an enjoyable experience.

Do not seek a second parking space nearby if you want to lose weight fast

Instead, park farther away and walk! In a weekend, you can even save time by not driving in circles hoping to find a nice place near the entrance to the mall. Lose weight and save time to time? Sounds like an easy way to lose weight fast for me!

3. Avoid the middle of the grocery store

This is where all processed foods are. Instead of trying to glue the edges of the grocery store where fresh produce, whole grains and dairy products. I personally like the floral display and fruit and vegetable sections at the entrance. Fill your shopping there and you will feel like you need to put more things in your cart as you approach the center aisles. This way you will be able to store on healthy food with fewer calories, making easy to lose weight fast. You can also play seven foods that contain fewer calories for some great food tips.

4. Keep a food diary to start losing weight

Disclose a small notebook or your phone store all food and drink during the day would be a good way to check what you have on a regular basis. Try a week and review your notes. You can clearly see all the healthy choices you have done and what is in the works next week to maintain weight loss. Not sure where to start? Check out these great tips to keep a food diary.

5. Preparing meals at home rather than eating out

Not only do you know that the only good fresh ingredients used to prepare a meal, you also know that there was a strange unwholesome things, such as MSG, is added to food. Portions in restaurants are 2-3 times what it should be, and at home, you can make the components that are of normal size. Ask what foods are best quick weight loss? See a list of 7 healthiest foods to get the idea of ​​weight loss.

6th Learn what a serving is

Another important thing is the amount of food is a normal portion. One serving of meat or fish should be the size of a deck of cards. A part of almost everything else must fit in the palm of your hand. Especially if you feel full, you eat everything you have left on your plate. Listen to your body and you'll know when it's time to stop.

7. Not easy on the bread, if you want to lose weight faster

It's the best way to avoid bread altogether, but must necessarily be processed if an option for whole grain bread instead of white bread. It has fewer calories and fiber. And it tastes better too! It may take some time to start eating less bread, but once you do, you will see that this is probably one of the most effective and fastest weight loss.

One of the eighth quickest ways to lose weight - to say "no" to soda

It would be perfect for your weight loss if you stop drinking soda altogether and replace it with water. But this is not an easy habit to break. So if you absolutely can not live without a sweet drink, replace soda with freshly squeezed juice or lemonade craft. Assuming you drink 16 ounces a day, you can save over 43,000 calories a year by ditching the soda. And what a great improvement for your progress of weight loss and overall health that would be! Some people think they are not put on weight as they drink soda. But the worst part is that soda is even worse than regular soda. So the only way to do this is to stop drinking any soda together.

9th Ditch filling salad dressing and other
Loads of salads, green leafy vegetables are wonderfully nutritious and low calorie, if you do not cover the salad dressing and croutons. One of the quickest ways to lose weight is to get salad as you can, just replace the sauce with a little 'of vinegar, olive oil and lemon juice. The body uses more energy to digest such as salads out of them, so you can shed the pounds like never before, if you start to eat a couple of salads, without the traditional ties every day.

10. Drink a glass of 8 ounces of water before a meal

Try drinking a glass of water 15 to 20 minutes before your meal. Thus do not dissolve in the stomach juices that you need to digest, and you will be able to take the edge off your hunger. And therefore eat less - than a quick and easy way to lose weight, right?

11. Eat 5 meals a day instead of three

The more you eat, the less you feel hungry before each meal, which inevitably leads you to eat less when you eat more often. Just make sure the snacks you two between meals is really healthy. Boiled eggs, or a piece of chicken and a salad is the perfect choice. If you decide to have a yogurt or fruit, it is to your salad or snack of protein. If you need a little help, take a look at this list of where to eat five times a day.

12. Eat slowly, if you want to lose weight faster

Our bodies are not registered are full and satisfied for 15-30 minutes after you fill ... Eating slowly will ensure that you are not in the filler when even say! In addition, our saliva contains enzymes that help break food down, while we are still chewing, so the closer you are in the gums, healthy nutrients, you will be able to leave the food you eat. Try to paste each piece of 70 to 10 times before swallowing and see the difference - not only will you feel fuller faster, you also have better digestion and overall health improved within weeks. And the end result - the fusion of weight now!

13. Drink plenty of water, especially if you're hungry

If you're hungry, you may actually be thirst, as in the first, thirst, hunger has been translated in our brains. So try drinking some water and a few minutes to see if you are still hungry, before enjoying a snack. Drink plenty of water is usually very beneficial for health and drinking water can help you lose weight faster. See how the water helps to lose weight to learn more.

14. Do not skip breakfast

This is the meal that nourishes your body through the busiest of his ... and studies have shown that eating a healthy breakfast helps you lose weight faster. Make sure your breakfast contains lots of complex carbohydrates (good bowl of oatmeal is the perfect example). If you're still hungry, you can add a little protein (eggs) and vegetables. Check out these 7 choices healthy breakfast to start your day for other healthy breakfast ideas.

15th Keep a healthy snack with you

A small container of salad, grape, apple, even a rice cake flavored low-calorie few would. If the snack attack hits, you're ready ... and not have to look high in calories, fat junk foods in vending machines! Eat something tasty? Check out these six delicious low-calorie snacks.

16th Turn off the TV during and after dinner

During dinner, turn off the TV and watch what you eat, just looking at food in front of you and chew it well, it will make you feel full faster and it will help you digest your food. Then, load the dishwasher and take a brisk walk. It may not seem like much, but you will not believe how much less you eat with the TV off if you have had your meal in front of the white cloth on a regular basis, this may be one of the most effective the quickest ways to lose weight!

17. Stand up and spend the day if you want to lose weight fast

If you get stuck at a desk all day, take some breaks of 10 minutes of walking, climbing stairs, or even sneak in a little yoga. Find a partner who also wants to lose weight and do the little things together. Get ideas for seven exercises you can sit and use the quick way to lose weight on a regular basis!

18. Go to hire a great coach, if you can afford

Someone paid to help you lose weight safely, quickly and efficiently - that is exactly what is a personal trainer. Just make sure the personal trainer you choose is someone who inspires and motivates them and you really like as a person and as a professional. Check out these tips to help you choose the right personal trainer. To make the cost of lower rates, you have divided the sessions with a family member or friend. This will not do your workout less intense, but you reduce the cost of 55-60%.

19th Be inspired to lose weight

This may seem a bit cliche ', but it works! Hang the picture you are looking for not-really-quite-mini is the thinnest, the second photo, the bikini has been lusting after, so every time you go to open a snack, remember why you change all of these methods. Sounds like a quick way to lose weight, right? Wait until you see how powerful it is!

20th Surround yourself with healthy, positive people's minds

You will be directly and indirectly, to encourage each other, which can often make the difference. Goal-oriented environment, it is, the process easier and more regular weight loss will be for you. This is why the gym membership to all classes in which people are also losing weight is perfect. Do you have a group of people seeking the same goal as you do, and they give you the motivation and support as well as forward.

Go 21st - find a training buddy that will help you stay on track

It can be a relative, friend or colleague. Above all, this person should be as motivated as you, and when you find the right person to lose weight fast, will be a piece of cake for you both.

22. Sneak in some exercise every day, even if the workplace

It would be one of thet fastest ways to lose weigh there. If you are busy at work and can not be adjusted any time the right training, try these exercises without leaving a large table. 10 minutes these days and few weeks, you will find the tone and melt fat.

23. Do not forget to breathe when exercising

The more oxygen the body is moving, the more fat you burn. Take a deep breath, hold it for a few seconds, exhaling slowly. Practice a little 'and this is an easy way to lose weight the way before you know it!

24th Do 15-40 minutes of cardio before breakfast to burn fat faster

It may be a short walk (the dog should be excited about this), or a little 'clean or do laundry for your favorite songs, as long as the heart rate increases 120-130 beats per minute, you will be burning fat. And more is high so you burn more fat. Just make sure you get a healthy breakfast, then it would be an hour after you wake up.

25. Dance!
Dance as often as you can. I know some of us, it is better to do with our doors closed, and so be it! Just put on your favorite album and bring on these moves! Not just the dance will help you lose weight quickly, it will also help you reduce stress and improve your coordination and flexibility. Now it's a win-win all around!

26. Get an exercise DVD to mock the weight loss

There are hundreds of exercise DVDs are available and you will surely find one that will keep you going. Training camp "Aye Aye, Sir!" Kind of like training those coquettish Pussy Cat Dolls "and all forms of yoga and Pilates in between, you'll be able to find the perfect DVD for your exercise goals weight loss. All you need is to decide what level of intensity that suits you best.

27th Reward yourself for progress

And this is the best part! Place the little goals to reach (such as loss of 2 pounds), and when this is achieved, you can reward. As a girl, I find shopping for something more, love to be the most motivating. The new fashion bracelet or a fabulous new lipgloss, and so are the little things that help me stay on track and we continue to lose weight!

28. Use a tape measure to track weight loss

Sometimes when you start working in the gym, your weight remains the same, they develop muscle weighs more than fat you burn. It can be very disappointing not to see how it moves the arrow. So to see your progress, you may want to start measuring with the tape measure to see how many inches have melted your waist, hips, arms and legs.

29. Start reading fitness magazines, books and weight loss e-books

This is one of my favorite quick way to lose weight. As with everything else, the loss of more weight to surround yourself with the progress weight faster, easier and more effective loss should be. After all, losing weight is to create the right environment for the healthy and correct way of thinking! And what can help better than self-education?

30. Do not abandon your weight loss goals

Anyone who has tried to lose weight I can say that no matter how much you want to achieve your ideal weight, there will be a moment (or moments) when you feel like giving up. It can be a physical problem such as catching a cold or emotional nature, like running to her ex and his new girlfriend. But whatever, the only way to avoid this is to give some time to be upset and then and only then go back to what you did to lose weight quickly. I do not think that's it, losing three classes of yoga, jump back to where you left off and lose the extra weight will be easier and faster than you think!

31. Ask for dessert after the meal, the proper

The big mistake many of us do is have just one dessert instead of a decent meal to keep the calories down. But the thing is something sweet makes your blood sugar boom, which automatically leads to fat storage, no matter what you put in your mouth later. But if you have a real meal first (complex carbohydrates, vegetables, proteins) and then have your dessert, your blood sugar in the blood rises smoothly, without creating a skewer, and without causing any store fat. Now that we know where it is better to have dessert, let us see what desserts have fewer calories!

32nd Drink coffee after a meal

If you're a coffee addict like me, this is a quick way to lose weight really useful. The only thing you must remember not to drink a coffee or sugary coffee with milk between meals, but - after. If you take your coffee with no sugar or sweetener, or if it contains milk, the body works the same way to make cakes. Milk contains lactose, a sugar and your body says it will also cause you to store fat if you do not have the right before a meal. If it is absolutely necessary to have a cup of coffee at work all day, between meals, try an espresso or black coffee without sugar added. You can taste different at first, but weeks, you will not even be able to drink coffee with sugar again.

33. Get enough sleep to lose weight fast

Each has its own minimum when it comes to sleep, but I would say somewhere between 7-9 hours per night could work for most of us. If you get a good amount of sleep, your metabolism is stabilized and that inevitably will help you lose weight quickly. View other health benefits of incredible dream for more information.

34. Reduce stress

Despite popular opinion, many people actually gain weight when under great stress. And there are a few reasons why: stress causes many of us eat food more comfort than we normally do, and it also throws off the balance of our metabolism, making it more difficult not to the extra weight. So try not to stress over little things around you with people and positive experiences, and you can easily start losing that weight you've been struggling with the pressure. Watch these 10 Stress Busters for more effective ideas, and remember to relax is one of the fastest ways to lose weight.

35. Enjoy a party
Depending on your goals of weight loss on days when you allow yourself to enjoy a treatment, it can be a dessert, or your favorite cocktail or something, you do not lose weight. For me to have a chocolate cake once a week has worked well, but before that I used to have candy every day. Select the most difficult day of the week for you and your little treat after a decent meal a day. Not only will it help thirst, it will also help make the day more enjoyable. And do not worry, a dessert after a decent meal once a week will not hurt your weight loss progress. As long as you keep the implementation of other quick ways to lose weight in this list.

36th Get enough rest after a workout to allow muscles to recover

After a good workout your muscles feel bad, and they will have time to recover. Depending on the severity of tenderness, you can leave the muscle group to exercise for 1-3 days. The day you wake up and your muscles do not hurt more, you're good to go out and train that muscle group again. It will also help increase protein intake when you feel bad. For women, on average, it should be about 2 ounces (60 grams) of protein per day, with lunch one ounce and an ounce at midday, when the painful feeling of the drive. Protein helps repair damaged muscle tissue quickly. And as you know, the more muscle you have, the more the energy of these muscles will consume, and therefore faster your progress will be weight loss.

37th One of the quickest ways to lose weight - no stock on junk food

It is also one of the most effective ways to lose weight, ladies. Just do not buy junk food and do not have at home is so easy! You may not like what is not. Well, even if you do not feel like you have a choice, but something much, much healthier place. When I start thirst French fries, for example, just a nice big potato microwave and has a bit of sour cream and spices. It tastes delicious, and the desire? They left the minute I think a baked potato that I have! Wondering what other foods with obvious junk food are bad for you? Check this list of 12 most fattening foods surprising that should also be avoided!

38. Allow you to slip

Successful weight loss can occur without a slip here and there. Do not worry, it's normal route to deviate from time to time, I would say it is for the inevitable. So please, do not beat yourself slipping up may have been or will be in the future. The only thing that matters is that you still want to lose weight, and you! As long as you continue to follow this guide to ways to lose weight on a regular basis.

39. Find a celebrity who will make you lose weight

Since Oprah Jennifer Hudson, Hollywood is full of famous people who have lost dozens of pounds at some point in their lives. And guess what? In spite of their possessions, they had to do exactly the same thing we have to do to lose weight quickly, such as physical activity, diet and healthy lifestyle. So, why not choose a celebrity that you like, and who can inspire you to make the same changes? Put a poster or photo of a celebrity in this place before and after weight loss, change, and be inspired! Remember, feeling inspired, it is important, because one of the fastest ways to lose weight!

40. Find out which foods are good and which are bad for you

In order to lose weight quickly, you may need to know which foods are diet-friendly, and actually are not. It may sound simple, but we do not believe that a range of healthy food and diet, when in fact they are not! Check out these 50 healthiest foods on the list to shop for Ultimate Weight Loss to find out what foods promote a healthy diet, and the 10 worst foods to see which of the hips should stay away.

41st Do not jump on proteins

It is very important to have a balanced diet when you try to lose weight fast. Therefore, you must ensure that at least two of your daily meals contain adequate amounts of protein. Eggs, white meat, fish would be the best natural sources of protein for you. In case you are vegetarian, you can enjoy foods such as tofu, beans, asparagus, also has a lot of protein your body needs to start losing the extra weight. See the list of high protein foods for vegetarians for more options. Not only protein help you feel full, but also to repair muscles after training contributes to the beauty of your skin, nails and hair. Do not know how much protein a day, you really need? Use this online calculator daily protein intake to know exactly how much protein your body needs a healthy weight loss even faster.

42. Avoid emotional eating to start losing weight

It can be difficult for us to distinguish a real need to eat, we need to drink water, and emotional needs to eat something. But we must learn to see the signs. This is when you create a schedule of meals is very convenient. When you have a 5 times a day meal plan everything went well, it will be difficult to move away from the track. Especially when you know exactly what and where you want. Take a minute in the evening after dinner to think about your meal schedule coming days. Garden exact timing and specific meals and snacks while writing, you will be bound to eat the right things at the right time at right place. Therefore, no chance to emotional eating, which makes us make poor food choices, gained weight and feel bad for the future.

43rd Eat fewer people

Eating a small group of people or a larger group to make sure that you eat less because you spend less time at the table. And we all know how large groups (think of anniversaries, weddings, etc.), everyone eats, and even if you are already full, you feel you need to get something else just to keep all other companies. And guess what? They do the same thing, and all could be met, and probably a couple of extra pounds in the long run.

44. Do not eat with distractions

And the distraction, mostly refers to the front of the television. Increasingly we hear that eating in front of the TV is not a healthy way, but we tend to consume more when they interfere with a screen, we also tend to stay longer in front of the TV, then take the old dinner family. David Rupert, an assistant professor of sociology is one of the many scientists who are against having a meal in front of the TV

"The concern is that we tend to eat more when we are led by television," said Burley. "It's not a good practice in a community that has a growing obesity epidemic and the dramatic increase in obesity related diseases like type 2 diabetes, such as the Centers for Disease Control predicted three people will be in 2050. "

Not a pretty picture, is not it? So why do not we break the unhealthy way Now, turn off the TV, at least for those times when we have a good meal? The same goes for movies and a variety of shows, when distracted, you eat more than we need or even want. So make sure you have a meal before heading out for a movie night with friends!

45th Listen to your body - it is one of the fastest ways to lose weight

Listening to our body is a sure way not to eat too much. As we have said, our brains are not registered, no longer hungry until 15-20 minutes after eating, which gives us plenty of time to eat more than we actually need or want. The solution? Eat slowly, as we have said, and listening to our bodies. I, for example, pay attention to my taste buds. Initially, when you begin to have a meal, every bite looks delicious, but the more bites you take, the less taste and feel there should be a time when actually take a breath to keep eating. Now, I know that now I had to take breath, taste buds are more sensitive, my stomach is full and it is time to stop. This means small vent my stomach is really satisfied, even if the brain is not receiving any more. Listen to your body the next time you eat and is located just a few signals, try to tell you that you're already full.

46. A kiss now!

Awe ... And 'more enjoyable for a quick way to lose weight for a kiss? :) It turns kissing burns 5-6 calories per minute. I know that is not so much, but those minutes add the perspective and you will see that you spend very little calories! And do not forget all our body to release endorphins when we kiss! Now, feel happier and more subtle? Count me!

47. Increase your fiber

Fiber is essential to your healthy weight loss, gastrointestinal smooth, his body in a natural detoxification, metabolism rises and you feel healthier overall. If you want to know more about the fiber and to know which foods are a lot of this carbohydrate Watch this magic of fiber-rich foods topped the list. Eat breakfast of oatmeal and a few vegetables, salads during the day to get the fiber you need and you will see how quickly you can begin to lose weight.

48th Ditch the balance

Many of us had this love-hate relationship with swimming ladder over the years, but if you set your mind to lose weight fast and good this time, it is better to defer the balance so that you can find in the pool below. The fact is that if you start working out, you never know if what the scale shows a gain of fat or gain muscle. And because you have a negative feedback, this old friend when we're not even sure what it looks like? Measuring tape, mirror, and, of course, how the clothes would be appropriate indicators of how successful your weight loss is these tips to lose weight fast.

49. Add variety to your weight loss program

It is easy to become tired of the same routine day after day. Try different things in the gym and the kitchen to keep things interesting. I found it refreshing to make boxing a few months ago, to pause the burner I used my elliptical cardio machine. And with hundreds of recipes for healthy foods are available online, you will be able to keep your diet interesting and tasty to try new things every week. Who would have thought that losing weight quickly can also be fun, eh?

50. Do not starve if you want to lose weight fast and keep

A common mistake many of us, trying to find a way to lose weight. I was there and my personal experience I can say that skipping meals to lose weight is not working. First, it is very difficult and disturbing, you can not stop thinking about food, and secondly, a few kilos, I managed to lose again in the abundance of the week I started eating normally. The thing is, we starve our body is the "hunger" which basically means that the body tries to reserve the fat you're trying to burn. And remember it takes a toll on your overall health and metabolism ... Eek!

51. Walking and cycling

or cycling instead of driving. If you live in a place that allows any of them will be able to have the best time just walking or biking, while burning calories and improving your heart and muscles. Also save money on fuel and money for parking, which in some cities can be so expensive!

52nd Plan your snacks for effective weight loss

We have already covered the reasons to eat five times a day is an absolute must for anyone who wants to lose weight fast and keep it. We also need to do is make sure that we snack on a calendar too! 5 meal times is a good breakfast, lunch and dinner. And the other two meals are healthy snacks that we have between the main meals. To make it easier to remember when to get your snacks, they plan three hours after breakfast and lunch hours before and three after lunch, which would also be three hours before dinner. Dine at the same time each day, and your body will know exactly when to expect his next meal. Therefore, no unnecessary cravings, emotional eating, off plan snacks, etc. that are just a few things that keep us from success and rapid weight loss.

53rd Take "before" and "after" to track your progress

You can hate your pictures before, I know I did, but it's something we have to do to see the realistic picture of what your body looks right now, and what needs to be changed. Just think of it as a starting point, not something permanent and think about how this image will be different in a few months when you reach your goal weight! I find it more motivating to see my friend before and after pictures. And you too!

54. Be realistic about how quickly you get diet pills

Do not put all the weight on one day and you're sure to miss a day. Just remember that the goals are achievable. Healthy, the fastest way to lose weight begins to lose a few pounds a week, 2 pounds per week to be exact. If you maintain a steady progress, you lose up to 10 kilos in a month. And if you want to lose 50 pounds, this means that in only 5 months you will achieve your target weight without starving or jeopardizing their health. Sounds like a fairly quick weight loss, do not you think?

55th Visualize yourself losing

You know what they say, the more you think and dream about something, the faster it becomes real. Works well for weight loss. Try to imagine yourself when you reach your weight loss goals, how you would see how you would feel. Imagine that you have lost this weight and you look simply amazing, going over the details, think of what clothes you wear and how you show your new figure. It sounds like an easy way to lose weight, but you have no idea how hard it is when it starts with a thought!

56. Make a list of

Write a list of reasons why you want to lose weight quickly and to verify this secret list when you are depressed. Be as honest with yourself as you can, as a sincere confession to help you move forward when all the motivational tools to do next. It could be the hope of getting your ex back, or at least show him what was lost, or be jealous of a friend who never acknowledged, but there are certainly some underlying motivations that have evolved over time and now leads him to firm decision to lose weight quickly. So use them!

57th When it comes to losing weight, do not count weekend

Most of us are so eager for a relaxed time on the weekend, but why not throw in some fun activities if they are set on weight loss? When there is free time, there is always a choice of how we spend it. So one of my favorite ways to fast weight loss is to choose fun activities that involve moving further determined that both help you relax and burn some calories. Time biking, hiking, walking, swimming or other such activities, or simply go to the gym, you do a great favor by not putting your weight loss program for over two days! Add these weekends and you will not be able to have almost a week of exercise every month for doing nothing on weekends.

58. Try a little smaller

A friend of mine shared this trick to me some time ago and I have never failed! Every time you feel put back a couple of pounds, to go shopping and find the one garment (top, jeans, shorts, it was me), you fall in love. But do not buy the whole You're a beautiful moment. Buy a size smaller, so it still fits you, but it is too tight is a pleasure to use. You can see how the most recent two weeks, you can use this well-lit, no love handles hanging out, the desire to dress like this item so much to help you lose those extra pounds just in the stands. Losing weight could not be faster if you wait for a piece of fabulous fashion wardrobe!

59. Materials sportswear

And while we are still the subject of buying, you can also find it very motivating to go buy new clothes that you like sports, those who make you look and feel good. When you have workout clothes that you like, you will die in their display in a gym. This is a sure way to finally get started with the workouts! I personally like jogging pants and hoodies Abercrombie & Fitch. You will not believe how much they make your butt and legs look. And like a top, a simple cotton tank top or T-shirt would work, if you see something really interesting and complex! Now, how comfortable, this little trick to lose weight fast?

60. Avoid negativity

It 'best to avoid negativity in your life completely, but it is especially important when you are trying to make a serious change, how to lose weight fast. Reduce communication with people you bring down to help you stay on track with your weight loss program. For now, at least someone believes in you or makes you angry or upset. This is a recipe for emotional eating, and do not want that, then find a polite way of not spending time with people who bring negative feelings into your life, at least the first two weeks, while you are still getting used to a healthy and trimmer you. This may not seem like much, but we will see a couple of weeks, this is a quick way to lose weight is worth it implemented!

61. The fastest way to lose weight - to replace the unhealthy foods and beverages

One by one, instead of junk food and drinks in your diet healthy with their version, which is one of the fastest ways to lose weight. Start by replacing sodas with water or sparkling water with lemon to make it more interesting. Once you gain that height, reach for a second, substitute white bread with whole grains, a large piece of chocolate cake with a small piece of dark chocolate high-quality (Lind and Godiva have the best dark chocolate bars, You do not want any one time.)

62. Occupy

If you live alone and have plenty of free time on your hands, try to occupy as much as you can, preferably, try to stay out of the house. It might be something interesting or fun than helping a local animal shelter, or go to the mall with your friends or treat yourself to a professional pedicure, Mani. Whatever you choose will serve your weight loss though. When you are busy, your mind does not wonder, and the chances that you will make a trip or two in the refrigerator in a snack off-plan down. And think of all the calories you burn for all these activities! A must-try way to lose weight fast!

63. Fall in love
Falling in love is often helpful to lose weight. So if you're alone now, not wait for your body to become a perfect image before actually hitting the dating scene. Start looking now, nothing helps the appetite for more preparation for their first date and first kiss. And when you find someone you really love, you will see how much less you think about food and how your clothes will be more flexible in just a matter of weeks!

64th Make love and lose weight!

Now, this is a quick way to lose weight should be Rated R, but if you're responsible adult, you're sure to appreciate the health benefits of love. Making love with passion definitely help you lose weight fast. It turns out that 30 minutes of sex burns calories, 85 or more. It 'a good exercise for many muscle groups and you can think of more pleasant for cardiovascular exercise to lose weight fast? And do not forget that it will always be those endorphins! Sounds like one of the largest among the fastest ways to lose weight!

65. Share your sweet

When the occasional dessert with a meal, go with that special someone. You always have to prove good things, but without the calories add up. And not even taste that good parts, then 3-4, when their taste buds are accustomed. But you know, right? So enjoy in moderation, share and maintain weight loss fast!

With so many creative and effective weight loss tips on our list, there is necessarily some inspiration fastest ways to lose weight, you can use on a daily basis ... Which of these tips do you think will be best for you? Or is it yet another healthy way to lose weight fast, you can share? We would like to hear from you!
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